Thursday, January 17, 2013

Heart Burden

Assalamualaikum... Hey all...

Today, I was very happy without a reason. Suddenly, something came up to my mind. Its totally ruin my mood. 

Why is it in this world there is always a single tiny thing makes us feel we couldn't remember even for a second. Once you remember those memory which hurts you, you will totally feels down. 

When your heart feels down your expression wouldn't be as nice as you.

You can imagine, a young lady. She was a kind, cheerful girl. Suddenly she got herself into a problem, and she kept it by her own. Never attempt to tell anyone. Slowly, she turn into someone who isolate herself and never talk abut anything.

Psychologically, this kind of people will go on and came back to what they usually like, and sme of them may turn to become someone which depressed and showing withdrawal symptom. 

Its exactly something we call PSYCHOLOGICALLY UNHEALTHY

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