Sunday, January 18, 2015

2015 Life goals

Assalamualaikum. Hello everybody!

Its a new year. Maybe its too late but, I wanna wish everybody. A very happy new year. Yet its not a happy day to me to celebrate new year. New year reminds me that I lost a granny on that particular date.

But that is not what I wanna share this year. Today I wanna share a list to everyone. I wanna make a swear to myself that I'm going to fulfill my goal for this year.

I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good...

Hahaha... Just joking... Me... Typical Harry Potter's fan.

Okay for now, for this year 2015, I solemnly swear that, I want to...

1. Upgrade my career, my standard of living and my way of thinking.
2. Update my blog regularly.
3. Get a lean, curvy and sexy body.
4. Get a flawless skin.
5. Get a smarter brain.
6. Save 10% of my monthly salary.
7. Cook regularly.
8. Encourage my brothers to upgrade their standard of living and thinking.
9. Get a driving license.
10. Study real hard to get away from what I called my stupidity.
11. Be awesome and forget those who hurt me, my pride, and my family.
12. Ignore those who made me felt miserable, hurt or whatever.
13. Read more books.
14. Smile regularly.
15. Achieve my dream. [At least one.]

So, lets make ourself a list of our goal for this year. Should I add on something else... No not really.

As for now. Assalamualaikum. And thanks for spending your time for my blog entries.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dear People.

Assalamualaikum. Hello awesome people.

Awesome? Really? Lets have a deep thinking. Do we awesome enough to claim ourselves as awesome people? Look at the mirror an think? How much we ever care about people? How many times we reflect ourselves before we advice others on their mistakes.

This is just a short message to invite everyone to reflect ourselves and be more matured. And be realistic and alive.

Good day. Annedya.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Saturday, October 11, 2014

People Nowadays.


Dear everyone, it has been so long since my last post. These few weeks, I kept hibernating myself, due to some unspeakable thing. But it doesn't matter. Its not about me, this post gonna be about people around me.

There is a friend, she was barely not well, yet her own family disregard this thing and keep annoying her with such stupid behavior.

There is another friend, her own father doesn't care. But someone else care. But, yet that doesn't comfort her feeling, it makes her felt more upset.

There is a father, trying to teach his son, about responsibility, but yet, he himself, doesn't did well on his responsibility.

Let see I think peoples wonder why did I wrote this. I actually thought that people nowadays, seriously need a bigger mirror in their house.

Look. We always heard, people talking bad about others, but they themselves... such a big horrible losers. And than, those people trying to act like an angel, but then... Oh, please! Be real people.

Don't give so much hypocrisyin your so called 'beauty'

Think before you say something. You think peoples re wrong? Think what people may think about you.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Babbling Anne.

Assalamualaikum!! Hey all. Hehe...

Again it has been a few month since my last post. Hurm... Actually lots of thing happened. I felt soooooo... I don't even know how to explain. Blablabla... Me? Nagging all day and night? Yeah whatever!

So almost four month since i wrote, about granny and tell a bout a snail. I did missed granny you know? But then, for the last four month, my uncle passed away. My childhood friend, passed away.

Hurmm... Yet a new nephews born. Few cousins got married. And some others currently preparing for theirs too.

And me? I quit my old job and tried to find other job. Yeah, currently jobless. Its not that I don't like it there but few things make me hate what I am doing.

And for these few week, I do realize that, I have been wondering about my ancestral line, in both side.

And I have been wondering more and more on certain things. Ahhh.. As the heir of an honorable ancestral line, I was thinking that I should know my own ancestors.

I don't really care about whatever mess up in your mind. My blog is a part of my writing piece. I just want to loosen up my head.

Sorry for my tardiness. I am no one but His servant. Peace.

Thank you for wasting your time reading my stupid babbling bang out of the books. Assalamualaikum.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Lesson From A Little Snail.

Assalamualaikum. Hye all. Remember me? Yeah sure. I am quite alright. Its just my granny passed away last week. So that, I felt so sad last week. And I am still in a grieving process. But today, I'm not gonna share about my beloved granny.

Hahahaa.. Too much English is it. Okey!! Anne nak kongsikan kisah seekor Mummy Siput dengan Baby Siput.

Dua tiga hari lepas, time Anne balik kerja. Anne terpandang seekor siput ni dengan baby siput. That Mummy follow je anak dia dari belakang. So protective kan... Hahahaa.. The point yang Anne cuba sampaikan bukan How protective the Mummy was.

Tapi kecekalan Siput untuk membawa diri mereka. Cengkerang mereka besar dan pastinya agak berat untuk siput yang berbadan kecil dan lembik. Ini membawa kepada simbolik betapa besar bebanan yang ditanggung seekor siput untuk membawa cengkerangnya. Dan ianya juga sudah pasti menjadi tanggungjawab bagi sang siput. 

JIka diambil pengajaran dari dari kegigihan sang siput kita akan menyedari betapa setiap bebanan dan tanggungjawab mendewasakan kita. Sesetengah orang hanya tahu bercerita tentang tangguingjawab tetapi tidak sedar akan tanggungjawab yang sepatutnya dipikul. 

Mari kita sama-sama cermin diri kita. Di mana tanggungjawab yang kita pikul, dan sebesar mana bebanan yang harus kita pikul. Bukan hanya sekadar berkata-kata. Jangan disangka gadis gila-gila yang kononnya childish macam Anne tak kenal erti tanggungjawab. Tanggungjawab Anne pada ibubapa, adik-adik dan diri sendiri sangat besar. Dan memerlukan Anne untuk menjadi anak, dan kakak yang cekal.

Anne mungkin seorang yang loud, childish and happy go lucky. But I'm still a woman, my heart is too fragile. 

Enough of merapu. 

Here in Ampang.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Hati Semanis Gula

Assalamualaikum... Hello everyone. How do you do?

These few days, I experience a challenging moment in my life. Presenting a presentation to a group of people which smarter than me. Daddy told me that I'm brave enough to do it. Pak Ngah told me to stay calm. Abang Afish told me we are 'Bugis' we shall not scared of anything. And also, Abang Afish told me that he was so proud of me after I did it.

But generally, my presentation was terrible. People can see that I'm nervous, clumsy. Gosh, my face looks pale. If Abang Afish wasn't there I think I cant do it. You just tried to make me feel comfortable. I wanted to become as awesome as you are. The Bob.

And another thing, I have to replace my senior to go to a meeting that I can say. "I don't understand" and I have to rewrite a simple report the next day to ensure everything was reported to my senior correctly. I felt a bigger responsibility that I ever thought I should carry.

Thats what make me felt "I need to start to get more thing that I should carry on my shoulder." Ahahaha... Can you do it Anne? If I wanted to be as awesome as Abang Afish, I have to start to focus in my career and further studies.

Hahahaa much 'melalut' isn't it. Some how, why did I put the title 'Hati Semanis Gula' because my heart felt that a sweet moment just arrive in my heart, yet its make me feel. "Aaaahhh dush!!!" Someone kind of werd these day. No... he was somehow weird since the first day I knew him. He always gives me some question that makes my heart drop to death, pounding like crazy.

I can't understand my own feeling. "Hati rasa semanis gula, tapi otak kosong. Tak terarah."

Miss Annedya Princess
Kg Melayu Ampang
Dec 2012, 16.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weakness vs. Strength and Lose vs. Gain

Assalamualaikum, Hey all.

It has been so long that post in this little board of mine. This few days, I've been thinking on my weakness and strength. Then, I did think about what I have lose and what I have gain. 

Then, I thought about my dream that I want to achieve in my life. Now, I realize something. I HAVE WASTE SO MUCH TIME!!!!

Now. I have to start to re-plan my path. I wanna start up to gain more knowledge, and money. Knowledge have to be update. To continue my studies to the next level, money and knowledge is important. To travel, around the world, money and knowledge is also important. To publish my own novel, still money is important.

When I gain some thing, I have to lose something. Sacrifice needed around here you know. A strength have to be maintain. While, weakness have to be improve, and train it to be a strength. The passion to learn something new and improve existing knowledge have to be there. 

I bet everyone want to achieve their dream. I want to achieve my dream. Good night moon. Good night stars. Its a rainy night. Be a beauty with brain.

Dream on succes.
Miss Annedya JS Putery @ Putery Juwita

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Babbling Bang Out The Bush

Assalamualaikum... Hey all... Actually, I dont really have thing to share today. But, I feel like I really want to write something in my beloved blog...

Just a few week ago, I went back to my hometown to attend my besties wedding. And I bet she seems to be happy with her new status... And I was thinking... 

"When is my turn? Who will be my groom?" Sadness come around me when I realize, I have to start to find my soulmate, yet I am not ready to give commitment in a relationship. The truth that I'm scared that one day, I'll be cheated by the person I loved...

Even Mum and Dad hoping that I have a boyfriend. I mean a perfect boyfriend, that passed their standard for a future son in law. Yet my older brother always tell me not to trust any guy... Huhh... So uneasy decision to make.

Uncles and Aunts keep asking when I am getting married. Hey, I am only 22. 

I know what did I wrote today is quite borin. Yet, its come from my heart.

Trying to fall in love.
Miss Annedya JS Puteri @ Putery Juwita

Thursday, August 8, 2013

First Time

Assalamualaikum... Hello all...

Did ever celebrated any special occasion without your family with you... Ahhaa... I'm quite sure its not gonna be as fun as you celebrated it with your beloved one isnt it...

Today 8 August 2013 (1 Syawal 1434), my first time celebrating Hari Raya without my family. Usually every year, I always went back to my maternal uncle's place which located in Muar, Johor. But this year, because I got only one day leave so...

Its reminds me my first weekend in National Service, I cried alone because it was my first time being away from Mummy and Daddy... And one of the trainer told me not to cry because whether I liked it or not... I will be away from my Mummy and Daddy... Hmmphhh... Next few week I started to adapt the situation...
But when I'm back to my parent's place... I went back to my normal behavior... Daddy's Daughter!! Hahaha..

When I get into college there is a few time I cried again. Oh my God, It was horrible time those time... Hahahaa... Just leave that story...

My first time celebrating my birthday without Mum and Dad was in my second year in college. Hahaaa just like today i kept my self quiet and hide myself in my room... ( But today I went to visit some of my patient.. )

Okay tats all for today... BAnyak sangat dah berceloteh kat sini... LOL... Hahhaaa..

Salam Lebaran
What so ever
Miss Annedya JS Putery @ Putery Juwita

Friday, July 19, 2013

Touching the Cloud : A Nurse or A Novelist?

Assalamualaikum... Hey all... 

Remember... Setiap insan di muka bumi ini dilahirkan mempunyai impian masing. Sebagaimana Anne sendiri sangat ingin menjadi seorang penulis. Namun halangan, sentiasa ada untuk menjadikan kita tewas. Namun, jika kita serius dengan apa yang ingin kita capai, halangan hanya menjadikan kita lebih kuat dan bersemangat.

Dulu, ibu and ayah Anne tak merestui cita-cita Anne untk menjadi seorang penulis apalagi untuk menjadi seorang novelis. Kerana sayangkan ayah dan ibu, Anne turutkan kehendak keduanya yang mahukan Anne menceburi bidang kejururawatan.

Walaupun pada mulanya, Anne melalui pelbagai rintangan dan halangan, kesedihan dan kepayahan, Anne tetap teruskan. Dan akhirnya, percaya atau tidak... I am currently a State Registered Nurse...


Berbalik kepada impian Anne untuk menjadi seorang penulis. Sepanjang belajar dalam bidang kejururawatan, Anne pernah beberapa kali menulis cerpen untuk membuktikan pada ayah dan ibu yang Anne mampu. Dan Anne tak pernah pula gagal dalam bidang kejururawatan walaupun  pada awalnya, Anne tak meminati bidang ini,...

Pada mulanya, ayah dan ibu tidak mempedulikan impian kecil anak gadis mereka ini. And akhirnya... setelah Anne menamatkan pelajaran dalam bidang kejururawatan setahun lalu... Ibu dan ayah mulai merestui impian Anne untuk menjadi penulis... 


Dan lamgkah Anne... Anne mulakan dengan menyertai sebuah sayembara anjura sebuah syarikat akhbar dengan kerjasama badan-badan NGO lain... Pada mulanya, Anne fikir... Anne tidak akan berjaya... Tapi rupanya... manuskrip Anne diterima... Dan sekarang manuskrip Anne sedang dalam proses penilaian... Dan hikmah dari penerimaan ibu dan ayah terhadap minat Anne sejak dari zaman kanak-kanak ini... Akhirnya memberikan semangat untuk Anne meneruskan hidup dan berusaha mencapai cita-cita dan impian


Dan... Apa yang Anne cuba sampaikan disini adalah... pertamanya... restu ayah dan ibu kita akan menjulang setiap intipati kehidupan ini... Anne bangga... Dengan restu ayah dan ibu... Anne lebih bersemangat untuk mencapai impian Anne untuk menjadi seorang penulis ( NOVELIS )... Dan juga impian untuk menjadi seorang yang berjaya dalam bidang kejururawatan...

Usaha... Tawakal... Restu... Doa... Adalah ramuan istimewa dalam mencapai kejayaan... Dan Anne bukan tamak tapi Anne mahukan kejayaan dalam kedua-dua bidang... As a nurse and as a novelist...

Anne juga berpegang kepada kata-kata salah seorang bapa saudara Anne... "Be strong like your granny"

Granny... I am your precious princess... And I am strong like you.

Sekian... Assalamualaikum...
Annedya JS Putery
Juwita Hati Ayah Bonda

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Penjagaan Kulit : 3 Serangkai

Assalamualaikum... Hello beautiful... 

Anne excited sangat hari ni, sebabnya, Anne nak share tentang cara penggunaan tiga serangkai dalam penjagaan kulit. Apa dia? Pembersih, penyegar dan pelembab. As everyone knew, I use Alaisyah product so... senyummmm...

Jom review cara penggunaan tepat tiga serangkai ni

Sebelum mencuci muka, besihkan dulu kulit tu dengan tisu basah atau baby oil. Buihkan pembersih di tangan sebelum sapukan ke muka, Gosok pembersih kat muka perlahan lahan secara memutar. Lepas dah bilas, jangan puas hati. Ulang lagi sekali, untuk pembersihan yang optimum. Lap muka perlahan-lahan dengan tuala.

Gunakan kapas muka, basahkan dengan penyegar dan sapu ke seluruh muka dan leher secara memutar. Jika anda merasakan sensasi dingin pada wajah. Bermakna ia sudah benar-benar segar.

Ambil sedikit pelembab dan sapukan pada muka dan leher seperti biasa. Mulakan dari bahagian dahi turun ke dagu dan seterusnya leher. Sekiranya kulit terasa licin atau sedikit melekit, menandakan kelembapan kulit sudah mencukupi.

Okay ladies, seperkara lagi... Gunalah skrub muka at least twice a week. Guna yang butiran dia halus sebab lebih sesuai untuk kulit perempuan. 

Huh... Macaam banyak lak berceloteh hari ni. Okaylah... Babai you all...

Friday, May 24, 2013


Assalamualaikum semua, Anne terganggu dengan sikap beberapa pihak yang Anne tak dapat nyatakan di sini. Anne tak faham kenapa perkara sebegini belarutan sebegini lama. Dari Anne masih kecil, sampai Ann dah besar panjang. Anne tak mahu berbahas panjang mengenai hal ini kerana sejak sekian lama Anne tak mengupdate blog takkan nak cerita pasal eda yang menyakitkan hati sendiri kan...

By the way, Anne sekarang dah pun bekerja di sebuah pusat rawatan di ibu kota. Banyak sebenarnya dugaan sepanjang permulaan alam pekerjaan. Tapi, bak kata pepatah, alah bisa tegal basa.

Dan Anne agak terasa hati dengan sesetengah orang yang suka cakap Anne sombong tetapi diorang sendiri yang sombong tak nak tegur kita. Huhh... tah hape2 je diorang nih.. 

Dan oh... My uncles ask me... Bila nak kahwin? Aduhai... Lambat lagilah uncles. Tak ada lagi hamba Allah yang benar-benar mencuri hati... Hhahha...

Ok I done mengarut... Wassalam...

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Assalamualaikum... Hi all... Nowadays, life seems to be kinda busy. With some important and unnecessary stuff. Err.. do I spell it right? Nowadays, I got lots of wedding invitation, engagement party invitation, interviews, things to think... And some unnecessary thing pop into my mind. 

Recently I was thinking about this one guy and suddenly I think that I fall into him. He was not so handsome, smart in his studies, well-groomed, smart, well-behaved, having good future in career, quite a perfect guy I ever met.

But unfortunately, I knew he will never ever fall into me. Because, I do not suits his taste. I knew it was a freaky stuff to share in here but at least people, please understand I just mentioning it as I was trying to forget this feeling so I can confront him as usual. 

And I was hoping that I found someone others that has the character of him, so I can fall into that guy easily. And dear Mr.Perfect, I hope you found you ideal lady, and live your life happily ever after.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nursing : Us & Judgement

Assalamualaikum... Hey all...

It has been a while, since the last time I wrote something in my blog. I had such a busy days, so I forget to update my blog. I knew it, no one care. 

What is Nursing?
Nursing ( is a profession within healthcare sector focused on care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain.

So, people!! Nursing does not just merely as an assistant to a doctor. We studied skill and improving it. We also studied what doctors studied, we studied what pharmacist studied, we studied what others studied to maintain and improve our profession. 

Research being done among nurses to improve our profession. We did much to improve ourself day by day. But yet, our profession is barely known as 'doctor's helper'. That is okay, its part of our duty.

But really, in this modern life. There are still people who had unrealistic or improper judgement about nursing. I taught Nightingale's story had tell you what nurses are.

In my nest post, I'll tell you who is Nightingale. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Heart Burden

Assalamualaikum... Hey all...

Today, I was very happy without a reason. Suddenly, something came up to my mind. Its totally ruin my mood. 

Why is it in this world there is always a single tiny thing makes us feel we couldn't remember even for a second. Once you remember those memory which hurts you, you will totally feels down. 

When your heart feels down your expression wouldn't be as nice as you.

You can imagine, a young lady. She was a kind, cheerful girl. Suddenly she got herself into a problem, and she kept it by her own. Never attempt to tell anyone. Slowly, she turn into someone who isolate herself and never talk abut anything.

Psychologically, this kind of people will go on and came back to what they usually like, and sme of them may turn to become someone which depressed and showing withdrawal symptom. 

Its exactly something we call PSYCHOLOGICALLY UNHEALTHY

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Makeup Removal

Assalamualaikum... Hai all...

Everyone knew it, that a proper makeup removal helps to avoid acne, blackheads and etc. My way of proper makeup removal is actually simple.

First, wash your makeup with warm water. Clean it properly.
Second, wash it with your cleanser. And rinse your face properly.
Third, wipe your face with clean towel.
Fourth, apply your moisturizer.

I am strictly telling you all here that I am writing what I used to do to my face. And its really good, because I don't have any problem on acne, and blackheads. Sorry because this is not as you expected. But I can't provide video on this post. But, I'll try my best to get one.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kisah Anak Gadis Pak Imam

‎::: Seorang budak lelaki kurang ilmu mencintai seorang gadis yang tinggi ilmunya yang merupakan anak imam masjid ..... Satu hari budak itu melamar gadis itu. Kemudian gadis itu berkata, "Dengar sini! Ilmu awak cuma setakat darjah enam ialah berbanding saya pelajar Univeristi Al Azhar :::

::: Macam mana saya nak terima awak? Bagaimana awak boleh terfikir bahawa saya mahukan awak? Saya tidak akan
menyukai awak kerana saya adalah anak kepada imam masjid Kampung Pisang ... Jadi, lupakan saya dan cari orang yang sama taraf dengan awak. " Tetapi entah bagaimana budak lelaki itu tidak dapat melupakannya begitu mudah. 10 tahun kemudian. :::

::: Satu hari mereka bertembung di sebuah pusat tahfiz. Gadis itu berkata, "Assalamu'alaikum wbt! Awak! Apa khabar? Sekarang saya
berkahwin. Adakah awak tahu siapa suami saya? Suami saya adalah lepasan Al Azhar Awak boleh bayangkan? Dan dia juga sangat soleh. " Mata lelaki itu dapat basah dengan air mata setelah mendengar kata-kata gadis itu. :::

::: Setelah beberapa minit suaminya datang sebelum gadis itu boleh mengatakan sesuatu kepada lelaki itu, suaminya mula berkata apabila melihat lelaki itu. "Tuan Syeikh! Anta di sini? kenalkan isteri ana." Kemudian dia berkata kepada isteri beliau, "Ana amat terhutang budi kepada jasa tuan syeikh kerana banyak memberi dan mengajar ilmu agama kepada ana..Kalaulah tanpa tuan...Dan ingin tahu satu fakta? Tuan syeikh mencintai seorang gadis tetapi dia tidak dapat perempuan itu. Itulah sebabnya mengapa dia masih belum berkahwin. Sungguh bertuah gadis itu dihatinya, bukan?:::

::: Moral dari cerita ini...Hidup tidak begitu singkat. Jadi, jangan berbangga dengan diri sendiri dan memperbodohkan orang lain. Situasi boleh berubah dengan masa. Setiap orang harus menghargai cinta..yang paling penting cinta Ilahi ... hargailah semoga kamu dicintai oleh semua ya...Jangan menyesal di kemudian hari..jangan menghina orang lain kerana Allah sentiasa melindungi hamba2 yang disayangiNya iaitu wali2 Allah..semoga menjadi iktibar kepada kita semua ::: ;)

Kisah Gadis Dan Pemuda Tak Dikenali (Hak Cipta Terpelihara : Annedya)

Assalamualaikum... Hey all... 

Guess what? I wanna tell you what do I feel when a guy came to me, and tell me that he love me. Its actually something that happen while I went out alone. The story start when that guy came to me.

The Guy : Assalamualaikum... Tak jawab berdosa... 

Me : Waalaikumsalam... Do I ever knew you? (Without looking at the guy)

The Guy : Tak... Awak tak kenal saya. Awak tak reti cakap melayu ke? (Feels like wanna punch his face)

Me : Reti... (Acuh tak acuh)

The Guy : Boleh berkenalan... (Me... Looking at the guy's face without looking his eyes.)

Me : Tak boleh... (Dalam hati... Rupa cukup tapi...)

The Guy : Kenapa? Saya suka awak. Saya jatuh cinta pada awak.

Me : Sorry... Saya tak berkenalan dengan orang tak dikenali. (Muka selamba... Jalan macam tak de apa jadik)

The Guy : (Dalam hati : Huh!?)

My simple conclusion here, why is it you all lightly say you lve someone that you don't even know her name. Murah sangat perkataan cinta tu kan. Yang perempuan, mudah sangat ter'cair' dengan kata-kata lelaki. Yang lelaki, mudah sangat nak berkata cinta. Pantang nampak perempuan dahi licin... Juling biji matanya.

Bukan Anne tak open minded... Tapi kalau open sangat pun tak elok jugak... Nanti kalau sangkut pada lelaki yang cuma tahu mengambil kesempatan tak ke naya...

Think carefully ladies before you trust a guy like that. Biar orang kata sombong, jangan jadi murah dan mudah didekati. 

Thanks for reading!!

MY Quick & Easy Everyday Makeup (Shared from Youtube)

Assalamualaikum... Hai all.. This is another makeup tutorial... This is also from Youtube...

Ulzzang Makeup Tutorial (Shared from Youtube)

Assalamualaikum... Hai all... This is the makeup tutorial I love most in youtube. Enjoy watching!!!

Make Up Video ( Shared from Youtube )

Assalamualaikum... This is the video that I promised you all. But its only about the foundation routine. But I promise you all I'll try to find a good eye makeup tutorial. Enjoy watching!!!

Simple Make Up

Assalamualaikum... Hi all... 

I found this tips on the network that I think its good to share. Simple make up is wear your make up won't change your natural face. And I really believe that, muslim lady shouldn't go with heavy make up. Its really embarrassing to see such thing. It okay if you want to go with make up to cover dark circle, acne, scar or what ever that ruining your look.

But ladies, seriously heavy make up is something ruining your looks. I had a friend who never used make up but suddenly when she get engaged, the makeup artist put a heavy make up on her face. She don't know how to clean it properly, so the make up eventually ruin her previous flawless skin. 

So ladies, what I wanted to tell here is how to put on make up in my way. Look ladies, I knew its kind of annoying to have a flawless skin which ruins after a heavy make up which not cleaned properly. My makeup style doesn't include eyeshadows, blusher, and lipstick. Because, I dont usually used it. ( I usually used lipstick on several occassion such as attending someone's wedding or engagement )

First of all, after cleansing my face, my makeup routine will start with my toner. Which if you all read some of my post before, I have been using 'Alaisyah Penyegar Liang Pori' which shrink down facial pores and remove excessive oil on my face. I will let the toner absorb on my skin. Then, I will go on with my moisturizer, and of course its again 'Alaisyah Sari Pelembab Awet Muda'. For sure lar, its fr moisturizing purpose. Again, remember that give it a few second to absorb. 

Next I will used the whitening cream, also the same product. Its 'Alaisyah Pencerah Kulit'. Its good for whitening, and it has SPF 20 which good for protecting my skin from sunlight (It works like a sunblock). After that I just put on 'Alaisyah Krim Kecantikan' its kind of beauty cream actually, but I used it as a makeup base. But yet, I still use a BB Cream from Alaisyah. 

Because I had used BB Cream a my make up base, I don't use any foundation. But if you all want to use it then its up to  you all. But seriously I wanted to tell you here BB Cream and Foundation give just the same effect. But people, BB Cream not just give foundation base, but it also give the effect of concealer. I'll just tell why BB Cream is better then foundation in the next post.

As you all knew it ( for those who read my previous blog update ). I have been using Silkygirl Pure Smooth Pressed Powder with SPF 20. Its oil-free, fragrance-free, and give a super soft texture. It has a medium coverage, and gives a matte finish. I love it because it gave me super perfect skin.

I usually draw a thin line on my upper lash line, with a liquid eyeliner. I don't usually being specific in eyeliner brand. As long as its give me a good color, I will welcome the brand to my makeup case. So does to my mascara, I usually not choosy on my mascara. But seriously, when I used a pressed powder, and it gave me a perfect result, I'll just used the brand for a very long period.

Okay, for lips seriously I tell you all, don't ever forget your lipbalm. And if I really need to used lipstick I always use a pale color, like pale peach, light choc, super pale pink, or super pale red. I don't like lipstick which have bright color. But usually, I used a lipgloss. And give me a good color as well. Like my eyeliner and mascara, I don't really fussy about what brand that I'm using as long as the color is good.

I am very sorry that I can't provide a video but I am currently searching for a flawless makeup tutorial to share with you all. I think that I found one and I will just share it in next post. So, wait, but seriously sorry because I can't provide you all a video because as what I told you all before, I am here as a blogger not a vlogger. 

Thanks for reading... Those sisters who are married, you all should try this or checkout my next post for the flawless makeup tutorial so, you can try it. At least for your husband.

Ada Dara, Lu Kolot ( Shared Video )

Friday, January 11, 2013

Rutin Harian Seorang Penganggur Terhormat

Haiyo... Ape nih? Penganggur? Haha dah berapa hari Anne tak menceceh dalam bahasa ibunda. Chewah... Okaylah... Sebagai gadis berkelulusan Diploma Kejururawatan yang masih belum berjaya dalam persaingan dalam mencari kerja ( T_T ), Anne nak citer sikit apa Anne buat hari-hari.

Yippie... Jangan gelak... Memang tak kelakar... Ini Time 100% Rajin

6.00 AM Bangun Subuh 
6.30 AM Termenung
7.00 AM Sarapan, buka komputer taraaa...
8.00 AM On WiFi, buka blog, buka facebook, buka youtube. Menulis sampai lebam/Baca blog orang lain/Meng'update' blog/Meng'update' resume/Membaca buku or novel/Masak (Berhenti sembahyang, mandi, tidur, makan, dan aktiviti lain)
Ntah pukul berapa waktu malam... TIDUR...

Lakkk... Hahaha...
Senyum selalu...